Jumat, 01 Januari 2016

The success of Man in Dawah

By : Abu Waleed UK

The Success of the Man in Dawah for the sake of Allāh, calling for the Haq and confronting all false ideological ideas today requires a likeminded spouse in his corner for him to be successful, what advise can we give to such sisters, remember this is not for anyone, not for the wives of bank managers etc, but a unique individual and for them is a unique partner.

For them is the following examples amongst many which We could of made;

Make Khadeejah (ra) your example and leading role model who was a strong right hand for her husband and a firm gentle touch to our Messenger which enabled him to carry his message to mankind. Khadeejah supported him, believed in him, covered him and said to him her famous statement: ‘By Allaah! Allaah will never let you down because you are the one who maintains the blood relationship, carry heavy responsibilities, help the needy, support the weak, command the good and forbid the evil and challenge all the corruption in society.’

Wake up in the night time and throw the arrows of the dark night at sehri time by supplicating to your Lord and ask him to protect your husband and all the daa’ies and to make them firm, victorious, have ‘izzah and support.

Keep yourself busy by nurturing the children of your husband, provide the best knowledge and good deeds that makes them full of taqwaa and Eemaan and plant in them that the conviction their father stands for is the truth, and encourage them to do the same thing as their father.

Dear Muslim sisters, if your husband is a daa’ie be proud that your husband carries the truth and be confident that the banners of Haq he carries will never fall down even if he does.

Andre Tauladan

The success of Man in Dawah


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